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August 04, 2006


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Those shrimp/prawns are gorgeously drawn. Sushi anyone?

Thanks so much, everybody! I absolutely loved drawing and painting these! There are certain shapes and kinds of translucencies that really appeal to me. The recent scallop and escargot shell sketch was another of this type.

You've made these dead shrimp look very appetizing :O

i must say
and not for the first time
your shrimp drawing would would make a fabulous silk scarf!
so lyrical...and the colors...!!

Shrimpers, there so beatiful! Wonderful colors. Could steam them right now:)

Okay, I think I need to write a poem about those shrimp. The colors in your sketch make me remember the fleeting, shifting pearlescent colors fading when a person catches a fish...

Lovely, those, and lovely colors again in the cool blue ice.

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