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August 17, 2006


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Such graceful curves. :o)

Oh, the swans and the cows are my favorites, although the goats and the hen are also fine. Thank you so much for posting these! You ought to frame a whole lot of your sketches--they are lovely!

gorgeous....simply lyrical.
btw, i often think your postings (images), particularly of pencil drawings are far better than my scanned sketches(and i've got a very good scanner)...i'm assuming from what you wrote that you are "shooting" them with a digital camera...?
i find it very difficult to control the contrast with a scanner...even with all the settings mine has...which is why i no longer try to scan my color pencil sketches. Just FYI, when you go shopping for that scanner.

These are beautiful sketch pages Laura! You scan yr images? How quaint of you :)

BEAUTIFUL!!! And so filled with grace!! Love these, Laura!!!!!

Your swans are beautiful!! How lucky to have them in a nearby pond.

Yes, when your chicken comes to visit bring her over and see my rooster--maybe they can have a playdate :)

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