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August 17, 2006


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I have been enjoying all your animal sketches.
thanks for sharing

With or without apple computer, your drawings are great.

Comme d'habitude, quel plaisir! Mais comment vous faites?? Vous ĂȘtes ultra rapide dans votre exĂ©cution -- et avec quelle exactitude. Et bravo si vous obtenez un ordinateur Mac -- vous allez adorer.

I love your flowing lines in the swans. Those swans just fit your style!

I saw your posts in the EDM group. Your work is absolutely beautiful! You draw animals incredibly well. You are very gifted and I really enjoy looking at your work!


I really like this style of drawing animals. I tried it myself the other day (hope you don't mind, but if you weren't any good, I wouldn't try to follow your example!), found that it worked much better than trying to draw them with one continous line like I had been doing. Thank you for the inspiration!

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