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August 24, 2006


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pretty pink piggy portraits, they look a lively happy bunch!

Stunning piggys, I adore pigs and these sketches are wonderfully pigful, great stuff Laura.

Thanks, many thanks to you all! Maggie, their eyes ARE in an odd position---or maybe it's that the snout is longer than you'd expect. Terri, I've enjoyed animals even more than drawing people. The issues are exactly the same, except I'm more relaxed about the animals, not so intense about getting a perfect (facial)likeness. I wish I could carry this attitude over to my figure drawings! PB, I have 2 or 3 of that series already and love them. Thanks for the sug! Tara, what a funny dream--you sure you weren't dreaming of bacon? ;D Bela, I can tell! I've subscribed to you, too! Tami, Teri and Lori, yes, it's such a great gift, that learning- by -drawing! Chuck, I'm glad you like these. I wish they were Scratch'n Sniff, to give you the total experience ;). Joyce, I had to get variety to prevent boredom for me and for you all. It was such fun to visit all the lovely farms---and farmers. Fae, Jana, Robin, Anthony, Renate, Zeph, Chris, Linda, Lydia, Lin, Karen, Nina--I so appreciate your comments. The encouragement is terrific.

Lovely piggies. Ever since I saw that movie, Babe, I've had great respect for pigs. I understand they are very intelligent animals. They look like very sleepy animals here. You've really captured their weight and mass and essential shape beautifully.

Beautiful coloring. You always do a wonderful job on drawing animals. I am only beginning on painting and drawing animals myself, less than a handful of times I have tried now. It is challenging sometimes but also fun. I second the recommendation to draw animals!

Had to come back and tell you I had a dream about these silly pigs last night! They were lying on their backs getting a sunburn and about to sizzle as though in a frying pan. :)

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