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August 24, 2006


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these are adorable creatures, particularly in your renderings you have totally captured their fabulous porcininity!
those ears!
those butts and curly cue tails!
those seemingly delicate legs and "little" feet!
between these and your goats you've got the beginnings of a terrific farm mural!

My favorite bit is the way you got the flow of piggy hair on the back of what looks like a black-and-white pig in the pic at the left.

And second-fave bit is the can-almost-see-it twitching pig snout in the middle image.

Isn't it fine how drawing helps us see?

These are great. I love the colors you used and chose. Great job.

I didn't know anyone could make pigs looks dainty. But you've done it wonderfully.

I think these are my favorite animal sketches so far! You make me feel like I'm there.

These are so beautiful Laura!
You really should take alook at that series of sketchbooks on the Litoral... When your over there :)

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