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August 22, 2006


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Dachsund grandiflora! I love that, Z! Teri, you're right about Sylvester and Daisy being just fine as they are---maybe I should write a children's book featuring those two characters. Marly, the Chapel Hill Creamery people feed whey to their pigs---brilliant, eh? Paula, thanks for stopping by. I love your work. Thanks so much to each and every commenter---It has been such fun seeing how much (and how many) people like the animal sketches.

My blood sugar is rising, these are so sweet and, well, doggy.

And don't get me started about your awesome draftsmanship. Catching the essence of an animal, and doing so with swift sure elegant eloquent strokes -- dang, I am impressed.

Thanks for sharing Miss Daisy with us!

your line is so swift and sure, it always amazes me, the beautiful shape of their heads and bodies, you've captured them so well, I'm looking forward to the pigs!

That is one SWEET looking hound. And your gesture only adds to her beauty.

So sweet Laura. I have SO enjoyed your month of animals. Thank you.

curious, isn't it, to see which genes dominate?
Daisy kinda looks like a Dachsund grandiflora to me!

And I have to say, it is a morning ritual for me, to go see what Laura has done! I love it that you are sharing your studies, work and play with me/us!
sending gentle breezes your way

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