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August 22, 2006


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Oh, I would so love to have a dog! I had my hand 'chewed' by a tiny boxer puppy the other day; it was lovely.

These drawings are gorgeous. Are there no limits to your talent? ;-)

Sounds like Daisy's mum and dad had a one night stand! She does look sweet though, I don't know how you capture the softness and personality of animals with your few lines but you do!

Aah yes the bassett hound. Between the sketches and your description I can picture her low slung quality. You see I have a beagle bassett mix. Her name is Olive. I've really enjoyed the animal posts.

Your lines are so expressive and lively, Laura. I've so enjoyed looking through your sketchbooks. Thanks for the inspiration!

omg, omg, omg ... I LOVE Daisy! As the mother of a half Belgian Shepherd/half Labrador/half Chow (yes, you counted right), I KNOW the charm of the variegated breed! to you Laura ... xoxo

Ahh the lower sketches remind me of our beloved dog Blue, how I miss him, your sketches brought tears to my eyes. The form is so familiar...

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