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August 22, 2006


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Who wants to look just like the rest of the crowd anyway? :o) Like Sylvester the rooster, Daisy is an individual. No two alike. Wonderful doggy drawings Laura. I'll miss your animal month. But SO looking forward to the piggies!!

Love the dog drawings! And that line from one of my favourite Robert Frost poems. :) But now I must sleep. Will be back later to catch up on your blog.

Drawn dogs do not lick my face or howl me out of bed at 2:00 a.m. Very satisfying. I recognize that mournful doggy expression...

Creamery pigs makes the milk sound a little unappetizing. I've forgotten what's up for September, though I suppose your busy-ness will be prodigious in the lead-up to Paris.

Truly Laura, you are able to express so much with just a few lines ... WONDERFUL and enviable! Adorable pups .... and I cannot believe this month is over??!!!!

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