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August 29, 2006


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I came across this post accidentally and revealed a whole new interesting field. I love drawings and sketching and I collect books of art. I'm will browse the net to find travel sketchbook in my nearest area so I can by one.

I just got from the library "Charleston" and order the "Calafornia' of Diana h Gessler from the library too after reading this list. (as well as mentioned here). I love the small size of the book in my hands, the watercolors are delightful. I like how some are strong in ink and a bit of wash and other images are just watercolor. Interesting page layouts.Though I am not a folower of 'Charleston' or anything. I found the triva, history and the delightful notes enjoyable to read. Then - Just fun eye candy.


I thank you as well Laura, and when is your sketchbook being published??

Thank you so much for this list, Laura - I was in need of a little treat and now already, I have a copy of Richard Bell's 'Rough Patch' and several other volumes from Amazon on the way. Spirits lifted :)

Quite a few here, I need to look up (from all three lists)... But I need to share a favorite of mine with you. Its called:
'Magic Moments In FLORENCE' by Adriana Silvestri. (ISBN 88-85957-29-3) My mother bought it in Italy a couple of years ago, and its one of my favorites... very whimsical and full of inspiration! Hope you can find it! Thanks again for giving us your lists!!!

You're very welcome! Pam, thanks for telling me about 'Very New Orleans'---I'm glad she had a chance to document preKatrina New Orleans. A bit sad to think of, though.

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