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September 20, 2006


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nice sketch, reminds me of an old 1940's cartoonist who did a strip called Side Glances. Well done.

You are so versatile! The cherub is so powerfully done, wonderful value range and depth and the composition is great with the little flourishes of color and decoration in the foreground. It's all so active and colorful and vibrant. And then the waiting diner sketch is just the opposite, has a very cool and quiet feel, even though loosely drawn. Wonderful!

Wonderful training, Laura.
Preparing the holidays and the travels is already a big fun!

What great comments! I don't know whether I'm breathless from the images of myself on motorbike, one arm around Cupid, the other around a magnum of Dom Perignon, sailing over the Atlantic to Paris... or because I just realized HOW MUCH I have still to do before I go! Yikes! (Btw, I am hoping to be able to post there as I have on my other trips.) On another topic: Typepad won't let me post images today for some reason--- hope this isn't setting a precedent for Paris!

post script:
i should read other's comments first...which i did not do this time...so no! i'm not crazy...well...

These are wonderful - the blue is exceptional! I really like both sketches. As for Paris, yes, must drink wine! (and a little practice can't hurt). :)

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