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September 20, 2006


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call me crazy
but i think putti
and motor bikes (like the abandoned one, not Harley's and other "muscle" bikes)
have something in common
playfulness...? i suppose that's what i'm seeing
as thin as the connecting thread may be
i DO see it!

Wonderful sketches. I am so excited about your trip I wonder how you can stand waiting!!

What a life you lead ;)! If I ever set eyes on Daniel Smith paints I shall snap them up (and hope they work their magic on me)! I love the way you've done Cupid's face here especially the corners of his mouth!

The cupid is wonderful. I only wish I could do that too! No, not hanging around with motorbikes... I'd love to paint like this!

Chuck said it.

Ha! "...hanging around with sphynxes and putti..." -- you run with a bad bad crowd!

Don't know what to add to these hilarous comments, the couple has a great feel to it and I highly approve of the practice of wine drinking, especially combined with drawing. I think the cupid will make a divine motorcycle rider, looks like great fun on a bike.

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