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September 14, 2006


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I love looking at your sketchbooks so much!

You draw the most nosey noses...really enjoying these!

Thank you, thank you! It has been a while since I've drawn people, so these were actually a lot of fun! Teri, the people in Paris WILL look different, you can be sure ;D. Marly, it was carrot and ginger soup. A bit early for pumpkins. I'm glad you all like the black and white sketches, too--there'll always be lots of them coming from my hands and brain ;D,

Oh, I love cafe drawings! And yours are superb. Such attention to detail and I like the bright spots of colour. Can't wait to see the ones you do from Paris!

I love the bright and shiny things, but you do such a beautiful and interesting job on these type sketches, it satisfies the need for eye candy!

Oh and thanks for the French expression - I may even use it today!

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