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September 23, 2006


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Great sketch! This made me laugh....because my son has had 2 replacements in the 3 years he's had his license. I guess he he is going on a "new license each year" program!

Thanks, thanks and more thanks to my wonderful commenters! France, usually I paint on site, but I'm now trying to paint the black and white sketches when I get back to the studio, too. The colors will never be as nuanced (never say never!), but I like adding that dimension to the sketches. I absolutely LOVE drawing my fellow creatures ;D. We're all such odd ones, with so many twisty lines and funny shapes.

People are such great subjects, even from the back I can imagine the different personalities!

Wow, I've been so neglectful of you and you've gone and changed the blog and the pictures are bigger and brighter and I really like the new look. And the paintings of course. I always like the paintings. And markers are cheap compared to $36 brushes ($2.50 per). And in Florida, your drivers license is perpetual. They send you renewals whether you're alive or not. You should see who drives here.

...and holy COW, they have CHAIRS??? Wow...we just have lines...

Ack! You must have had a long wait!!

I hope you're not stressing TOO much--my plane leaves Tuesday evening and I sure am, even though I'm just going to be gone a week...I think I'm a reluctant tourist...

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