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September 26, 2006


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laura! it's been too too long wince i've been to your blog, and i'm so so happy for you going to paris!! for a month! oh my goodness! * you are going to have such a marvelous time, i hope you will be blogging the whole way so we can see all those pretty pretty new colors in your palette :)*

Dear commenters, thank you so much. France, je t'aime, c'est clair. Jana, just trying to streamline what I'm taking. And not succeeding. This whole trial run has me running for every art tool in my arsenal. To be in Paris and not have the right blue?? C'est insupportable! Dian, that's a two part sketch. The guy in the chair is from a cafe sketch and I did paint it afterwards. I'm glad you like the pepper shaker!

This is really lovely! Limiting the palatte for the trip? At the dr's office, did you paint on site or after? That is the most convincingly fabulous pepper(?) shaker I've ever seen! You are truly an inspiration.

These are great, Laura! The Sassy guys should be impressed with the motorbike!

I love the drawing of your Father, the look on his face is wonderful!

Are those cookies on the table? The colours are just gorgeous! The red against the overall blue - OMG, I can't take my eyes off it!

What smudgey 8B is that, Laura? Lovely marks ...

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