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September 11, 2006


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Thanks, everyone. Sometimes the big chickens just overtake you and there's nothing for it but to capitulate. I doubt I'll be seeing their like on the sidewalks of Paris, but on ne sait jamais ;D.

:-D These are just great! Oh, to tag along with Laura all day -- what a fun day that would be! :-)

What can you do? Chickens loom large.

Ha, such whimsy and fun. I'd put them in my garden. :o) Thanks for making me smile this morning Laura.

I believe you are smitten! You have captured the beauty of your beloved so nicely, I am truly envious!

Laura, you kill me. And you make me want to make a really puerile pun, but I will refrain.

I love these! And I love the way their smooth tin edges contrast with the frilly shrubbery in the foreground.

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