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September 21, 2006


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Thanks once again for the comments, everyone. I find myself looking more closely at my surroundings this month (and actually every month of this twelve themed year.) Tara, I've just begun to pack today. You'd better get to it, girl Marly, this is on Franklin Street, next to MacDonald's. Terri, I've never had access to a cockatoo, but I'd love to draw one. Teri, France,Diahn, Lin, Robin, so glad you like this. Linda, funny to think of eating Mexican in Provence! But then there is a certain joie de vivre in both cuisines. Dian, welcome and you're welcome;D. Good luck with your brand new blog!

ah! You work as you prepare for your trip. I am convinced you will not waste one minute in Paris! Have a grand time... And thank you so much for the inspiration...perhaps it is providence that I cannot for the life of me find the name of that oil...i'm not giving up yet..perhaps in the light of day.


That's beautiful - so imaginative! And you've done a wonderful job with it. Have you started packing yet? Me either - and I leave in three days.

Is that on Rosemary St.? It looks like the same place (without mural) where I remember being gigantic (pregnant) and an interesting shade of green.

There's something curious and magical about the out-of-size here: the little building, the gargantuan parrots. Big and little, freedom and enclosure, flat and round, airy and solid.

Wow, what a beauty that mural is and how you captured it!!

Oh, I really like this, Laura! You've definitely captured the monumental nature of it with your usual aplomb!

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