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October 18, 2006


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Laura, another grand day it seems. Was grey hear in Pittsburgh also if that helps. Is the Grand Palais all glass and whats inside? Flowers ect? Youre angel on earth has done such a wonderful job taking you around and seeing the real Paris what a blessing. The drawings are fab as always.
Take care and waiting to see where we go next.:)

Great job! I was enchanted with the lampa at Alexandre's III bridge. I know well Paris and, for a moment, I think I was there.

Another perfectly wonderful day in Paris!! Love the drawing of the man at the news-stand. :o)

Laura, j'ai immediatement reconnu le Grand Palais! Le ciel est en effet tres dramatique, et j'aime beaucoup comme se profile le drapeau francais contre sa "lourdeur". Et la tete de ce monsieur... precieuse!!

oohh I am soo excited about the paris trip and meeting up with you. Your sketches are so evocotive, I cant wait. Very good day today, I sold 7 paintings and got offered gallery representation in Ireland. On a high and ready for a good time with you guys!

I love your drawings from Paris! Each one has a certain beauty and charm. I feel transported to the places you draw.

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