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October 22, 2006


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as usual gorgeous....and what a wonderful trip...have to say the rings just cracked me up...always a new scam i suppose!

Catching up - and I'm very late - pardon! You did hear the appropriate french accent on the last word didn't you?

I think I recognise those chairs on the Boulevard St Germain and may have even sat in them!

All you sketches are looking great, I'd call one off day in all this time flipping amazing!

I am so enjoying your tour of Paris, these three are a joy :)


What a delightful selection of illustrations! I'm sorry I haven't been back but have been out of town on business and just getting back to catch up on everything. Your watercolors are fabulous especially the sculptures and monuments!!! I do hope your stay has been enjoyable and the weather good. I will try to catch up with all the reading...stay in touch,


That park is astonishingly beautiful and your drawings certainly demonstrate that beauty! Well done, you!

Thank you so much, you commenters! Marly, you're sounding like Marie Antoinette with her petit hameau! Next, you'll be buying rounds of cake for the whole gang! Lydia, I am having the time of my life. The one off day I had simply put the others into even clearer relief. Jana, yes, the heroine of a story's always got to encounter a problem and then overcome it, you know ;D. Agnes, you honor me. Thank you. Ulla, thanks to you, I'm seeing Paris through a second pair of exquisite eyes, too! Linda M, you've got to come here! Linda from Pa, Lin, Lori and Toni, thank you.

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