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October 22, 2006


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Dreamy - I love seeing Paris through your eyes...

Love the breezy, energetic skies, and how loose and free your brushwork is on those.


Laura, I wouldn't have thought that you had any room for improvement, but this fountain drawing tops them all! Every aspect of it is perfect -- and the little boat breezing by completes the scene. Okay. Now I want to go to Paris and sail little boats.

Just dropping in to say I have been reading and gazing at your sketches. thanks for the lovely descrptions and eye candy sketches.

Perhaps the Luxembourg gardens would be just the spot for a cunning little French cottage with a faded blue door and a modest fountain out front (and another on the wall, and one by the back steps, and a tiny one in the bird feeder off the roof.)

These are all exquisite and frameable paintings! The skies are just beautiful and so expressive. The elegant woman at the table is so beautifully rendered. It looks like you've more than made up for the difficult painting day yesterday!

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