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October 16, 2006


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Oh, I've missed reading about your adventures for at least a week, and here are all these wonderful sketches! The lamps are just marvelous -- love that old bronze against the blue sky look! So very beautiful -- so striking -- so Laura!

I'm grinning while reading your comments, les amis! Isn't this trip fun! Susan, thank you so much for your warm thoughts---I'll try to remember my umbrella, along with my 300 lb art pack (my portable studio is HEAVY!) Katherine and all, at most it's been just chilly, with high temps in the mid to high 60s and a few 70+ days. The main surprise for me has been that the low temperatures have been mild too--in the mid to high 50s. It has certainly been colder than this on my previous trips to Paris in October. (I'm not complaining!)
Thanks to each and every commenter!

Oh Laura, here I sit besotted with your calm ripples of water. You'd never know you were freezing your butt off while producing such a leisurely feeling painting.
I'm heartbroken that your (OUR)time in Paris is half way through. Each moment so precious you probably don't want to waste time in sleep but DO take care of yourself dear Laura and don't go out w/o your umbrella. LOL

Lovely fluid sketches Laura. I remember that wind in October - it can get very chilly - I hope you've got some thermals to hand! ;)

Do I get to say, just once, that I am envious! These are beautiful, Laura!

...another wonderful day with wonderful results.

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