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October 06, 2006


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Thanks, one and all! Yes, the small cars like the Smart Car and the one I sketched are godsends in a city like this. Linda, I haven't seen a deux-chevaux this trip, but have seen them all my life as I've been here for one reason or another. Funny little things, aren't they? So very Gallic. Patricia, I love the Saint-Michel fountain and need to go to it when there aren't crowds of people hanging about---maybe at 4am? ;D.

Love the fountain. As for the voitures, small=less fuel=fewer euros spent on transportation=easy to park. I loved seeing Smart Cars parked perpendicular to the curb. There's a Smart Car dealer in the northern suburbs of Paris that has them displayed on shelves in a large glass silo that looks for all the world like a vending machine. My favorite small car sight, was an old Morris Mini parked across the street from the Varenne Metro station. It had little boat fenders tied on its front and back bumpers. I came home determined to replace three mid-sized cars with a Mini Cooper and a Vespa. (Dream still unrealized.)

Have you seen a Deux Chavaux yet? They are my favorite little car in France. They no longer make them but they still putt around the roads and have more personality than newer cars.

This September, my daughter and I were lucky enough to spend nine days in Paris. Our hotel was across the street from the Luxembourg Park. We began and ended most of our days strolling past the fountains, chess games, ponies, art students, tennis courts, and boules players. You have brought back many tender memories. There is no question that we will return to Paris - and the park. You must check out the fountain at the beginning of Boulevard Saint Michel... heroic proportions, public gathering place.

bon voyage,

:-) LOVE the fountain, especially the second drawing -- so dramatic and idealistic -- so FRENCH! (And I mean that in a good way!) The little car is funny; are there really that many of them there?

Laura, you are so funny. It is so refreshing to see your wonderful posts and hear about your fun.

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