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October 14, 2006


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How wonderful that you and Linda got to meet in person! And those sketches - incredibly gorgeous! I´m glad you´re having such a rich full experience in Paris.

What wonderful comments! Marly, that poem is one of my favorites from my childhood, so I'm especially happy to have been made a Peer of that Realm, the realm of the walrus and the carpenter! Labelle, je suis tout a fait flattee! C'est sur que nous avons beaucoup de choses en commun, meme si je suis ...ahem... bien plus agee que toi! Pedro, Linda from Pa, and Cin, you're right---I need to behave! It's very hard for me;D. Linda from Paris, you're the charming one! Linda M, ha! Glad you like my quote---it was very hard come by ;D. Emotenote, it is lovely to see you here again. Thank you for coming by and for leaving such a supportive message. Shirley, have a wonderful time in London with your family. I look forward to seeing YOUR sketches! Lin and Terri, Lori and Jana, thanks, you sweeties. Agnes, I agree wholeheartedly, It would take not only a special kind of person to wear such a thing, but a very special event, too. Z, you know just the right things to say, always. Merci mille fois a tous!

Those feather sketches demonstrate why Paris is so good for artists. It's just so stimulating and inspiring! That red hat really triggers my imagination. It's totally desirable, but who can afford it? Who can wear it without looking ridiculous? Who has an occasion fit for it? Answer: some beautiful, wealthy, fascinating Parisienne.

I hope you do not literally mean felled!!! take care, Pedro is right!!

Wonderful feathered composition! Love it. These are the sorts of sketches that will bring back smiles when you look at them in years to come. :o)

and...once again...my pinky has hit the "Enter" key too quickly...i wanted to add that i also totally empathize with the needs, desires and joys that lead to "falling apart in Paris"

i have absolutely no doubt that you, the intrepid Laura, will soon be out and about again...even after you possibly take Sunday a bit slower, perhaps...but still inspired, enlivened and creating as the Parisian air and light continue to wash over and through you

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