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October 30, 2006


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LOVE your second sketch, because the more unusual angle! Now are you going to develop some of your sketches into paintings?

Thank you so much, dear hearts, all. We WILL do this again one day, shall we?

I'm so glad I got to meet you on your trip here to Paris. Let me know when you return and we will explore a little of Paris again. Great paintings!

What a treat its been to see Paris through your eyes! Thank you.

thanks laura for sharing your trip! It was such a pleasure to check each day.

Ahh Laura,
Hopefully you'll sleep (preferably cuddled up with a loved one) for a few days and I'm quite certain that you'll be developing some of your Parisian fountain sketches into larger works and that should help get over that I've-accomplished-my-dream-now what? period. Oh' dear talent, if there is any comfort to be derived from your adoring on-line audience please do not hesitate to call on us. Difficult to fill that anticipating a month in Paris void but, Christmas is coming with all it's Lights, Action, and Glitter not to mention it's reminder of LOVE, FAMILY and RENEWAL.
So, Laura, take care, be gentle with yourself and know that your generous talent is appreciated. Sue

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