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October 20, 2006


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This is a wonderful drawing - the fallen leaves at the bottom make the whole thing for me - they're very special.

Hi Laura, here is a quote to cheer you up..."Every artist has 100,000 bad drawings in them: the sooner you get rid of them, the better it will be for everyone." Your work so far looks wonderful. I am so sorry that I cant make it to Paris to meet up with you, another time I hope. Keep in touch and remember that Brittany is a good place to draw too, you would be very welcome!

Thank you all SO much for your kind and encouraging comments! Having an off day is certainly part of life, even in Paris, but the next day WAS better, as I felt sure it would be. Again, thanks from my heart to you.

Tu sais Laura, je pense qu'on a tous besoin d'une ou deux mauvaises journees pour apprecier les bonnes!! Tu ne penses pas? J'essaie de regarder du bon côté des choses... Et cette fontaine Wallace, elle est tout simplement reelle. Comme j'aime tes sketches de Paris!

Me suspects that your "bad day" sketches are better than most of my "good day" sketches. However, the feeling, I am sure is the same. Some days, the best that can be said is, that you showed up with pen/paint in hand...

Ahh, lovely lovely pic. And no worries on the "off day" -- even the clouds have theirs.

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