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October 20, 2006


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Perhaps you were just choosing "perfection of the life" that day, rather than "perfection of the work" (suggested with a tip of my feathery hat to the wonderfully strange and magical W. B. Yeats.)

Trala, who cares?

Just frolic while ye may.

For that matter, gather ye the strange nuts on the Champs Elysees.

Because it's still--oh yes, still--Paris.

every once in a while
the molecules get outa line and nothing fits
then you wake up on another day
and it's Paris all over again!

I love your fountain, such lyrical brushstrokes and clever colour - it's a delightful sketch that one feels could only happen in Paris. Sorry to hear the you were disappointed in yesterday's effort - I wish I were qualified to give you professional artistic encouragement. Can only say, to know that even you sometimes disappoint yourself is extremely encouraging to a beginner. Very much looking forward to your next post.

That's why I love a digital camera. If I get a bad photo, and I get many, I just delete it. I think it must be very different to draw and paint something on paper and not like it-a lot more work is involved there. Anyway, I loved your Wallace Fountain.

Laura, a few bad days just makes us appreciate the good ones even more. I have been looking at all your sketches that I have missed and thay all look great--I sure could never tell you had a bad day. I am so enjoying your Paris sketchbook!!

Ahh Laura, I'm sure your day has already turned itself around. You're so right one blue day in 20 is amazingly good :-) Thanks for showing us something wonderful despite whatever was effecting your mood. Viva le journey! (Yes, it's true I'm afraid I have no idea about prepostion, grammar or any other french language rules....OK, no idea about the language itself. Un forgivable yet true. My guilty Canadian secret!

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