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October 03, 2006


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I'm so excited to get caught up on your art and writing today. These chestnuts are gorgeous! Visiting vicariously is great!

Just lovely sketches and I've enjoyed your commentaries. I can just smell scones and tea! Oh and the chestnuts and pods you've painted are so rich in color. The apartment IS cozy and beautiful, please sketch more of it when you have the time. Safe travels,


Laura--I'm not sure about the left hand nut; one might need more details. Chestnuts exemplify fall in Europe for me--the recall of sharp fall days when one buys a bag of roasted chestnuts to hold and have them warm your hands as you walk along a river or down narrow streets away from museums is a pleasure.

OMG! Your generosity in sharing your adventures in such a delightful way astound and delight me. I ought to do a theme of green this month as that is exactly what I am. Envie-shade.
My DD recently got her first Mac and is loVing that thing I certainally hope all is smooth sailing for you. (And that is a very selfish wish on my part.)

Just give that mac one week and you will wonder how you ever spent time with a PC.
What a wonderful post. So glad to see that you are enjoying each and every adventure. Stayed on the Left Back many moons ago, on my honeymoon. Lovely area. Strolled back last year on a visit with my daughter, though this time layed our heads down in La Defense. Thoroughly enjoyed the Picasso exhibit. Please let us live it out through your eyes. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date.

Hurrah to your safe arrival! What glorious sketches - and all of this and a new Mac!! Good grief ... now - where are your lovely gastronomic renderings? lol


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