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October 28, 2006


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Thank you to every single commenting soul of you! And what fun to have been on Lines and Colors with these sketches of Paris!

Mmmm scrumptious paintings. So sad "our" trip is soon to be over. I feel like I've been there a bit too and have gotten to know more about Paris. Thanks for the journey!

This whole series has been a revelation, one can really feel the mood and essence of Paris oozing through your sketches/paintings. Constantly admire your dedication and output. Great stuff.

Lovely, lovely, I am smitten with your paintings of statues. I do wish you the safest journey home and look forward to seeing what else you will post from your adventures.

First of all congratulations on being featured on Charley's blog - you very much deserve it.

And I can't believe you're coming to the end of your month! I hope your last few days - and the weather - mean it finishes on a good note.

Congrats on being featured on Lines and Colors -- It is a fun blog -- a great blog!

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