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October 28, 2006


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oh my! how time flies
when every moment fills, thrills and reveals!

Laura, I can just imagine your sad thoughts these last days in Paris. I cant than-you enough for taking me along on a trip I've dreamed of for so long. Everyday was so wonderful as I turned on the computer and clicked to get onto your blog and Id get frustrated when it wouldnt go fast enough as I waited to see what wed be doing for the day. Im really sad and going to have an emptyness inside.
You have done such a wonderful job of all this be proud very much so. You have done so much.
My deepest heartfelt thank you.
Have a safe trip home Laura.

Congratulations! your blog has been covered by Charley Parker on Lines and Colors

Wow...In scanning over your Paris sketches, they're all so lovely--and lively! What a grand time you've had! So what's up with the wedding ring scam? What a strange way to get money. Thanks for sharing your sketches as well as your stories!

hate to see this month end too! and hey congratulations on being featured in the website "lines and colors"!!


Diahn and I were talking about you today and how your stay in France is coming to an end -- so sad! Your drawings have been so wonderful -- I feel like I've been traveling with you, without the luggage and currency exchange rate hassles, of course..

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