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November 15, 2006


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Thanks very much, one and all! I used a Masquepen, a handy item I ordered from Daniel Smith. I'm having fun with it, though I may be on the verge of getting carried away with it!

Oh what lovely paintings! I just love the variations and reflections in your art supply painting. Like capturing a jewel.

Oh I love this other painting of the paintbrushes etc. Really great.

This is such a great series! I absolutely love the new spirit your work has--strong, confident and bold (and very elegant, nevertheless).

You've really made the statutes come to life. I love the depth of character that shines from the first and the reverence from the second. That head really bothers me (not your rendering of it, just it's existence). I really like the glass and the way you've made very good use of the masking fluid, making it into a design element, rather than just preserving whites.

SO MUCH in a 'quick' jaunt to DC! WOW!! That Elizabeth Cady Stanton sketch -- WOW! You did a phenomenal job! Curls to chin! Interesting head image ...!! But those brushes and colors ... awesome! You do color and lines so gorgeously!

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