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November 02, 2006


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Yay - Laura's home!! Beautiful work abounds here. Can't wait to hear more about your 2007 art plans as they bubble and ferment!

Oh my Laura I haven't been here for awhile and have just seen all your beautiful Paris drawings. They are FANTASTIC! I's great to see Paris through your eyes and art and I find that you've really catched the spirit of the city!

Thank you, thank you, my faithful buddies! I feel very welcomed back, thanks to you all. I'm already cooking up our next trip----stay tuned!

Hello Laura,

It has been TOO long. I have been away from this cyber world for too too long. I just wanted to say HI, and thanks for your never ending lines. I just love coming here and seeing such beautiful drawings and colors.

you have really taken me on this trip with you.

I would like to add my "Welcome Home" too! And thank you for taking us along in your art supply bag to enjoy this fantastic trip through your beautiful sketches and stories.

Welcome home! I loved the way you juxtaposed the cool colors of the first still-Parisian painting with the vibrant colors of home in the next. I also LOVED your words about going from the City of Light to a room with a lamp--that kind of wonderful humor and good writing (along with your unique art) is what makes your blog such a treasure.

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