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November 30, 2006


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Sorry to be so late in thanking you all for your lovely comments! I've been having trouble with my internet connection---so frustrating. Ellen, I went by the studio on rue de la Grande Chaumiere, but didn't have the right supplies for figure drawing and decided to wait for another visit to Paris when I had less on my plate. Thanks so much for telling me about it, though. It's a wonderful resource for artists in Paris. Ellen and Shirley, I plan on devoting lots of time to watercolor study---I want to teach myself more about the physical qualities of watercolor paint, among other things---and reimmerse myself in color work, too. Ellen, it is important to overcome delicacy in watercolor paint application, I think. I struggle with that all the time. France, I'm going to post my 2007 art plan on December 31,so all will be revealed then! Kate, I'd love go sketching with you in DC! Thanks so much, again, all commenters.

Wow, all those figures are perfectly wonderful. And perfect.

As usual your sketches are marvelously detailed and beautiful. I can't quite imagine Jeanne d'Arc dressed as Mucha admired her, although I am a big Mucha fan (I have three Mucha art nouveau pieces framed).

Such an interesting trip you had. The 'Joans' are wonderful - such contrasts. I love the different approaches you took with them too.

i love your postcards...and how clever of you to catch the two females in the cafe!...it is always so fun to come and see where you have been...where you are going.

Laura: Have Sketchbook, Will Travel

you always end each month on a spectacular note and that Joan is it! the cafe sketch too!

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