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November 09, 2006


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Thanks, guys! Tami, wow! I'll have to extend Laurelines' Blue Period, I can tell! It's fun to see how many of you mention the figs, others mention Abby, and how many comment on the paint itself! I'm in all three camps, myself ;D. And, thank you to all who expressed concern about Pearl Kitty. She's doing just fine and can flick that truncated tail like nobody's business.

The figs look fabulous! Great painting.

Wow! I just love the sketches of Abby!

your sketches are so elegant! those figs are like jewels, I want to pin them to my dress :)

Yes, I enjoy your return to the delicious gaudiness of the States!

Laura, these plum colors are so beautiful what paints are these? I know everything feels diffrent after being in the wonderful Paris I also having problems after being so excited from this Paris trip. UGH!!!
These sketches are very good like the puppy dog alot (my love for animals).
Have a great day.

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