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November 06, 2006


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So sorry about Pearl's tail (since am still pretty worn from Massive Work Project, amused to find I almost left the typo "tale" intact.) Gorgeous powerful stewartia work. Missed your inspiring lines and flow while I was submerged, and am glad to return now that I'm untangling.

Thank you so much, one and all. I know I'm being a bit irregular in posting this month and I so appreciate your following the story in spite of this! The vet did unnecessary surgery on Pearl's tail and botched the operation, such that most of it died. We had the Good Vet remove what needed to be removed. Pearl now has about a 3 inch tail, which is better than nothing, but the whole thing made me furious and sad for a long time.

ooops sorry, in my complete adoration of your work, i forgot to express my shock at your vet unnecessarily cutting of kitty's tail!!! That's horrendous. Is there a way you can sue him? you live in america.... (silly me!)


I LOVEEEEEEE your work!
(am kicking myself for not having an inborn talent...why? why?why?)

the moon spotlight on stewartia and the gourds are just gorgeous!!!!!


I can't believe what I've just read! How awful! Poor sweet pussycat!

I was going to say 'Great! Back to normal..........' as in "it's nice to go away but it's also nice when everything gets back to normal" ;) - and then i read about the first sketch. Horrible Vet - I'm sending him biting snarling kitties thoughts through the ether!

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