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November 12, 2006


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I love your comment about your daughter being transported by the smell of oils and turp. As a mom of an 19 mo old and another on the way I am having a hard time finding time to paint and I have been feeling selfish when I paint in front of her. Now I will remember your daughter's words!

Lovely art too. Very inspiring. Why wait to get out the oils. Go, get them now.

Thanks, late commenters! Sarah, I know oils well, since I painted in them for years! In fact, I paint in watercolors the way I paint in oils, which is a problem because the techniques for them are polar opposites. Part of my 2007 will be devoted to learning more about traditional watercolor technique.

Go for it Laura, I think you will find oils a wonderful thing, I cant get enough of them, after water colours I must admit ( this is secret right!) I think they are much easier. I love watercolour and always will but there is a solidness to oils that goes really with the way your eye starts to see after a lot of water work...dont know if that made sense?

Yeah, even I can hear them calling your name. Such beauties!

I along with everyone else will look forward to your paintings. you do make the everyday look interesting.

Wow, you've given me some wonderful advice and I will process it all, I promise! I will continue to make watercolor sketches and post them regularly each week in 2007, but want to add painting back to the mix. I'm off very early this morning to fly to DC. Will be back in a couple of days, with sketches. Thanks so much for your comments and support!

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