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December 31, 2006


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Wow Laura I am very keen to follow your blog through 2007 with so much happening and I do wish you a very inspiring New Year for your new journey.

Quelles bonnes idées. Il me tarde de voir ces cent-un visages.
Bonne année. Que tout se déroule comme tu le veux! Peut-être se verra-t-on en France un jour...

Happy New Year Laura!! I have no doubt that you will achieve wonderous things in 2007. Your plan sounds terrific. Love the idea of the faces. Can't wait to see that progress. But glad too that there will still be sketches from your homelife and surroundings. :o) All the very best for the months ahead my friend. Hugs. x

Oh wow oh wow oh wow -- I can't wait! This looks like SUCH a different plan from last year -- how exciting! Every aspect of it sounds like fun! The cabbages and narcissusses (?;-D ) and crowd of people just ROCK in the most Laurelines-ish kind of ways.

I too send my admiration for your goal setting and tenacity. Just the fact that you did 4 (gorgeous) sketches in one day impresses me!!
I look forward to seeing all your plans unfold.
happy new year indeed.

Your plan is certainly ambitious--sounds exciting. I'll enjoy watching you accomplish it all. The ornamental cabbage and the narcissus are beautiful--you're off to a great start on the new year! The washes in both of these are so rich and luscious--I love them!

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