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December 17, 2006


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Your sketches are so lovely. I love the bottle tree. I saw a rather large one with many bottles in the hills near Galena, IL. It was stunningly beautiful.

Hi everyone! Thank you for your interest and great comments on the reflections and the bottle tree. Like many of you, I'm rushing around trying to get holiday things done, so won't have time to properly respond, but know that I cherish every single comment. Thank you, thank you!

Lurking a bit, given all the holdiay baking/cooking/working/etcetera-ing...but loving the year's scope on where you were, and where you've gone.

What I like about the interior (besides the great reflection on window) is how it moves from the warm tones on the left to the cool tones on the right. Very nice!

by the way
if you'd like a snowflake
a swap is not required...

such gifts you bestow upon us!!
i can't decide which i love best
how nice i don't have to choose!

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