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December 30, 2006


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Hi Laura, looking forward to seeing your progress continue throughout 2007. Especially, interested in the portrait series. While we share the trials and tribulations of your artistic endeavours, we also derive great pleasure from seeing your work (on a daily basis).

You all, I am so touched and grateful for your loving and positive comments. They mean more than you can know. I'm going to take time tomorrow to respond more fully, but I'd like to answer the questions about my sketchbooks themselves. I have a wonderfully talented bookbinding friend who makes them for me. I know he's started a website for his business but he is out of town now, so I'll have to post the link when he gets back. I'll add it to this comment.
I feel the need, at the end of this very busy time, to take a day or two off. See you in a couple of days. Happy New Year and thanks immensely to every single soul of you.

Laura, there's such a chorus of thanks above, all I can do is append my "ditto."

You've embodied the best of my internet art experiences this year -- through your work ethic, your joy in craft, your friendliness and friendship, and your consistent willingness to be responsive and curious to what life and the muse presents.

Not only are your sketches articulate and reflective, they contain something that keeps bringing Matisse to my mind. And so, my small gift here of a few quotes from M. Matisse.


I'm excited to see what you have planned!

Laura, I want to say first that this year for me watching you grow helped me in deciding to futher my drawing ect. I am being self taught and this is frustrating for I dont have anyone to show me when I get stuck.Your web and all the wonderful Art you have given us has been the closest I've come to having a class that I can go to and I thank-you for this. As an experinced Artist I have a question it seems these days Im feeling like Im going backwrds in my drawings the days when I get in the zone seems to be hear and there. I dont understand it. Maybe someone heare can give me an answer.
Well Laura I admire you and what you have done these last years and keep up the good work. Just so Happy I can come along.
Have a Happy New Year,

Laura, thank you for such a wonderful post to close 2006 - it's so much fun to see a plan that was actually carried out - and with wonderful results. I'll be watching for the new plan tomorrow.

Loved the year theme, don't know if I can commit and discipline myself to such a task with the hours I work but I am thinking of goals this year that are doable. Where do you get your books at? I need a new one however I like a really smooth bright white surface and have been unable to find what I am looking for. Happy New Year to You and Yours dear Laura!

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