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December 04, 2006


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Thank you SO much, everyone! I like the looser sketch of the chair better, too. I noticed this year that the first sketches of any month tend to be more timid and tighter. I'm a big surprised that that should be the case with this summing up month, because I've done all these topics before, but...there we have it.
I love Marly's "Laura-sight,"---I do that kind of thing myself with other's admired and internalized styles and eyes and approaches. One of the best things about the internet is how it lets us look through other eyes---and how it lets us into other people's hearts, the way you all are in mine. Thank you.

Naughty Typepad, to eat my comments! Laura, I hope that you are in a whirl of pleasant Advent-events, and not being persecuted once more by your server connection...

I particularly like the froth of chandelier and the bulbous ornaments--mercury glass?

"Laura-sight" drifts by my thoughts as I tromp about the village--Cooperstown is awash in Christmas topiary and ornate medallions and festive trees and on and on. I can just imagine a watercolor of Santa's little Gothic cottage on the town square... This is the one time of year when I don't have to think about Cooperstown and baseball, because it is quite, quite in abeyance.

beautiful beautiful and so beautiful!

Your work just keeps getting better and better. These are amazing!

Don't need going to the archives.
I remmember very well your wondwrful interiors drawings of last year!

This comment is much too inadequate, but am about out of words...must spend time with Mr. Witzel before pooping out...anyway: PURTY!

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