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December 10, 2006


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Wow--I just somehow stumbled on your site and am bookmarking it--I love your style and it occurred to me that you are a "neighbor," as I live in Cary, and certainly know Fearrington Village and its environs very well...your work is lovely! I am thoroughly enjoying it. I'm also a watercolorist, but I am not as accomplished as you are, so you will inspire me.

Je ne sais pas par quoi commencer. Premierement, la comparaison de la cheminee est assez frappante: tu sais maintenant comment faire "eclater" les couleurs avec l'aquarelle -- chose que les crayons de couleur ne semblent pas permettre.
Je trouve tes vaches toujours aussi belles, et moi aussi me demande a quelle vitesse tu dessines. Tu me disais que ton crayon "danse" sur le papier -- chose que je fais tres raremement, surtout quand je vais dans les details.
Il me tarde de voir ce que tu nous concoctes pour janvier...
Oh, mais encore une chose: ton interieur est tres parisien! On croirait un appartement du XVIe arrondissement a Paris!

Thanks for showing the difference a year makes. Keeping a sketchbook is so great isn't it?
The previous year fireplace looks like an illustration (not that there's anything wrong with that) while your new version actually emanates warmth. Very nice!

Your home looks so cozy and warm - the perfect way to start a morning. Your sketches are simply breathtaking! As for your entryway drawing, I have those same candlesticks!

Thank you so much, everyone! I agree with all of you say you see more fluency and I appreciate your noting it. It's a lifelong task, this artmaking. Marly, you do have a way with words, but then you would. Thank you for such lovely lines. Katherine, I don't think I draw any faster (I've always drawn fast,) but I think I see better what I'm looking at. Yes, Emotenote, he did and it isn't a gas fireplace! Jana, I should show more of my house (there are more sketches of it in the archives for January 2006.) We do have lots of French furniture. Zephyr, the Daniel Smith mineral-based paints and Kremer paints, too, are such fun to use and give such great textures.

oh Yum!
and yes
how interesting to compare.
i am loving the texture and colors
in the amarylis painting particularly
especially the wall

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