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December 12, 2006


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Ole Bessie (or is it Elsie?) looks so sweet and good in your drawings. Thanks for the tip about having several drawings going at once. It's so nice to learn from others' experiments instead of having to reinvent the wheel on my own. The root veges are just spectacular. I love the close up composition and vibrant colors. I think your new way of posting several days worth of images at one time is very interesting--I'm sure it saves you time in posting and is convenient for readers too.

Great studies. I love the details in the cow's head.

I love your drawings but I am amazed with the "carped the diem" expression! I think I am going to use it!

Fantastic. The cow drawings are great - but for me those beetroot are just perfection. I'd love to have that on my wall.

Thank you so much, everyone. I love drawing the cows and I do draw fast. I also learned the trick of having several drawings going at once. Animals move a lot, but they often return to former (or similar) positions, so I find myself flipping back and forth in my sketchbook to complete unfinished ones. Tonight, I'm cooking the kohlrabi---it's not my favorite vegetable to eat, but it was fun to paint!

Wonderful cows!

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