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January 12, 2007


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Laura - best wishes to your husband for his recovery and remind him that as we get older the speed with which we recover can get a tad slower. The frustating feeling however does not reduce! C'est la vie!

Those trips sound good - and I'll look forward to the travel sketches later this year - especially as Charleston is a place which is on my list of places to try and see sometime.

Great value variation in these hospital sketches - I must pay more attention to values. Glad your hubby is OK

Thank you so much for all of your warm wishes regarding my husband's recovery! He's doing well, though it's taking longer than he likes to feel appreciably better. And thank you for your very postive responses to the drawings. I am really glad I have sketching to do under such circumstances.
Ippy and I have not yet worked out all the details of our project and I may not disclose them until nearer the end, anyway. At this point, we're going to see where our ideas take us. Thank you again for your support, one and all!

Laura, so sorry this is late sending my well wishes to you and your husband. It looks like your start for the new year is wonderful. Just love the waiting room sketches. What pencil do you use a tech pencil or just reg. Your freedom of your lines is so wonderful. I'm in hopes that I can loosen up for this year and get on with it mistakes and all. This is what is holding me back the mistake part.
Have a great day to you and yours.

Fantastic sketches.

You're truly a master at working with graphite.

I'm so happy your husband is ok. :-)

Your sketches are beautiful - as always. I wish I could while away the time the way you do in such circumstances.

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