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January 10, 2007


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Dear Laura, I am so touched by this drawing. I have tears coming to my eyes looking at your sketch of my grandfather's portrait.

Thank you so much!

*Faces: Love that strong colour you've used as a contrasting background. The face just jumps out at me when I look at it! Wonderful colours and shading. Love that contemptuously curled lip! Or maybe it's the disdainful look in the eyes. Either way it's wonderful. :o)
*studio: I can see why you are pleased with this one. It looks so confident and purposeful without being contrived in any way. Just fantastic Laura. :o)

I am looking at your site again and am really taken with your *project* approach. I read on one of your posts that the projects sort of just happened, and I feel connected with you on that and understand it as a Project happened to me last year and I am in the thick of it: Thousand Sketches in one year on a Tablet PC.

In my 290 sketches so far there are a few faces, but not as many as I would like - #9 is my favourite. I have been thinking & wanting to do more and I will!

One of the people who suits me as an inspiration is Alex Katz, it works for one of my styles - but the more sketchy style that you have will inspire me too.

Jana (above) asked who else you are looking at - do you study others?

I will look forward to keeping up with what you are up to.

I feel so encouraged after reading all of these comments---and SO moved by the poem Marly quoted. I'll be ordering that translation, too! I'm very happy that the 101 Faces are inspiring others. The project is perfect for me right now. I can already see how it is transforming my eye and my hands. Thank you a million times for taking the time to comment so enthusiastically, you all!

PLUS, ok, I'm inspired to do more interiors...UGH. I did the bathroom last night as a before for a before and after challange. BATHROOMs ARE HARD

Larua, this is my second time back to look at Bottecceli! This is a wonderfully expressive self portrait and a great beginning to yoru project. I'm crazy about how you handle the colored pencil. I want to try working looser with this media too! I look, and I learn. PLUS all the comments were really interesting. Love the poem!!! Such rich food here!

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