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January 04, 2007


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Thanks, wonderful commenters, all! Jana, I'm going to use acrylics because they're easier to deal with--- cleaner, less smelly, and I like the layering effects you can get with them. I learned in oils, have used both a lot. Donna, I can't remember if any of the Monets are on loan from France. It is not a world-class show, but it is very good and worth seeing. Ellen and Linda, these three aren't part of the 101 Faces project---I'm warming up until I can get my workspace ready. I use and 8b pencil for drawing most of the time. How lovely to read the supportive comments!

Sorry to her poor C is ill. She's very patient letting you sketch her in such a state. I know some who won't even let one look at them, LOL. I too love the sketch of the boy who looks like a girl.
It must be the season to organise studios - I'm searching through an Ikea catalogue for furniture for the storage room I'm hoping to turn into a studio until we can get the builders to work on the outside agri building. Having moved DH in there while we had house guests I'm going to have to dislodge him first.
You are off to a great start Laura. Your blog is always my first stop for inspiration each day.

I tried to look up the first painting to see what it looked like and found quite a few by Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio but not that one. Your drawing is heartbreakingly beautiful--so soulful. I'm interested to hear that you'll be using acrylics. Have you chosen them over oils or will you work with both? Are you more experienced with acrylics or oils from past work? I too did some recent studio organizing in order to start doing bigger paintings. I brought in my big oldeasel from the garage and laid down a 3x6 mat that gives me a nice area to walk back and forth in front of the easel and protects the hardwood floors from paint. You seem to be just bursting with creativity. I can't wait to see the work progress and am so thrilled for the privilege to see it unfold.

Off to a flying start! Hope your daughter gets well very quickly. Poor dear. Have fun in your studio. ;o)

I too hope C is better. We had the dreaded stomach bug at Christmas but are fine now. 2 yr old granddaughter K. was actually in the hospital with it, but she is good now.

I love the drawings you did at the museum. I figured out you and I do live in the same state. I kind of wanted to see the Monet thing, but think I will be babysitting next weekend, which is the last weekend for it. I waffle on seeing it, as I used to live in Illinois, and head to the Art Institute in Chicago every chance I got. I saw many Monet's Impressionistic pieces there. Are there any from France on loan?

Again, your sketches are great, with the loose flowing lines and shading.

Hope C is soon feeling much better! And your drawings are just astonishing. Thank you for these little whiffs of beauty wafting through my day. xo

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