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January 06, 2007


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I Love you girls


Wonderful done stone floor in front of teh chair!!!

Ooooh that shoe!!! Delicious.

My faves in this post: the patio tile, the sparkling floor, the noses on the cafe people...I love the way you capture such personality in your noses! Are you able to carry on conversations with your husband while you draw? I can listen but I'm not very good at actually conversing while I draw.

Thank you so much for all the well wishes for my daughter! Of course, by now she's fine and I've been spending the last few days making an adjustment to the new year's projects. These things take time! Marly, I 'm not sure---I'll check.

I think that shoe is just fabulous--I want a pair of those! I love your sketches at the NCMA, too--those are marvelous. I did so enjoy that exhibit. I'm really enjoying your works of local subjects--wonderful! Your colors are beautiful--love your blues/aqua shades, greens, lavenders, etc...

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