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January 17, 2007


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Oh this is soooooooo lovely. This is one of my favourite flowers and I have many memories linked to them!!

Really appreciated this

Gypsy Purple (Chamara)

So glad to hear you are a house and garden person, too. And I am not surprised you are -- as an artist I am sure you want a beautiful environment. And you are so busy creating beauty, too....

Ooh... Hyacinths, I can just smell their glorious scent! Lovely, lovely watercolor. Please don't be so hard on yourself regarding your portraits. I too have struggled at times...this could be one of them :) however we must, we must forge on!

It is SO gratifying when people particularly respond to something that the artist also likes. I loved painting this---I think my emotion and the fragrance carried me along. Hope many of you have now filled your houses with this heavenly scent, too. Yes, I used masking fluid and love creating those calligraphic marks that several people alluded to. I'm throwing a masking fluid festival in my studio these days, apparently!
Thanks so very much for your warm and supportive comments, everyone.

Oh....I'm wordless. Just gorgeous. :o)

p. s. Jeanne's reply to you about Willow, Wine, Mirror, Moon is up...

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