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February 21, 2007


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hi Laura! Every once in a while I treat myself to a look at your wonderful paintings...they make me drool with envy, but are inspiring too. Love your 2010 gallery - didn't go through it all, have to save some for another day... -leslie

Laura - love the fountain. Have you got a 'stitch' facility for the 'panoramic' mode sketches? Maybe you could stitch and post a web-sized version for the wide sketches and then link to something like Flickr for a larger version?

Hi all and thank you! I'm having a hard time posting here because I'm on dialup connection. It took me almost two hours to post the four drawings above!!
Cin, you should come here, absolutely. It is an enchanting city. Robyn, funny you should ask---that is really toned paper, designed for printmaking so therefore a bit soft. The tone didn't show through at all in the photographs---the seaweed drawings look very different (and better) in person. Kate, it would be great to rendezvous here! Lin, the tea olives aren't in bloom. Ours bloom in the fall---are the Charleston varieties different?

Oh yes, I think you definitely need to come for a visit: http://www.experiencekc.com/fountains.html

Kansas City is known as the City of Fountains!

My sweet Joseph often has to go to Charleston on business--he was there a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I should meet him there next time, your work is luscious, as always!

though I may never visit Europe, Charleston is a possibility, you make me want to go! looking forward to more sights of the city :)

You're so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty and to capture that beauty so eloquently with your art! The fountain is gorgeous, as are the plant specimens. And it sounds like the apartment is quite the treat as well! So glad you're having a good visit. xo

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