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February 16, 2007


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who's this, mommy?


The way you have rendered this face with the colors and leaves is fantastic!

laurel, you've inspired me! I did a painting this morning of my blood oranges. Thanks for the inspiration! marta

peeked here earlier but stopped commenting for a bit while recuperating,would have said and will say now what a gorgeous combination of colors in the blood orange, love it!

these faces are reminding me of "the mummy portraits" of ancient egypt, beautiful and stately

Here I am, out of the loop for a few days--but how delicious to come back and have a feast and riot of color. Flowers, face, blood oranges, Charleston paints: all so satisfying.

I'd like to have a blood orange tree, one that would bloom in snow and give me wine and fire in winter.

Wow, Marta has a blood orange tree in her yard! What a miracle that must be! Thank you, kind souls all, for your enthusiasm for these two paintings. I've answered some questions posed here in the blog post for today. Off to pack!

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