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March 16, 2007


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Love those beautiful earthy tones in the eggs! Your sketches of people are so wonderfully spontanious and real.

Have a wonderful trip. Your painted eggs are prettier than any easter eggs I've seen. I love the palette you're working with right now--seems to be the same colors from the previous palette. Would you be willing to share the colors you used?

Oh my...off again....I so enjoy going with you and seeing places through youre eyes in your drawings....precious

The bowl of eggs is gorgeous - what an elipse! Lovely sketch of Ippy too. When are you going to tell us more of what you two are up to? And off again on your travels ... have fun, draw lots.

You have a gift for making people see that what is human is beautiful--and Ippy (who is beautiful for sure) and eggs are both lovely here!

Laura, I thought I´d never talk of eggs as being juicy, but yours are! Those washes are just wonderful! Plus I loved the last of the Seattle landscapes very much, the one with the grey sky and yellow flowers. It is so good, you are such a skilled painter!

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