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March 20, 2007


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Gorgeous colors. I especially like the pink building.

beautiful. Your food paintings amaze me. They're are so beautiful, yet you must do them so quickly. And the GermAs---Texman--GerTex---TexGer--KrautTaco---RefriedBratwurst---I could go on, but I won't--style food is fascinating.

You are so talented.

La cathedrale, avec cette touche de bleu dans le ciel, est superbe.

Wow, these are terrific, I love the food sketches!

What fun to read your comments! Yes, the food at Oma's was good---surprisingly not as heavy as it looks or sounds. Jenny, thank you so much for the offer of help. I'll email you tomorrow. Thank you, thank you for your informative and supportive responses, one and all!

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