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March 20, 2007


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Yes, it is a surprise to find all those Germans down there, isn't it? Lots of them. Had a delightful lunch at the Menger one time while down there to speak to a conference.

First of all that title is a killer :) I love the house and the church is just awesomely beautiful!! You are having fun!

I love graceful trees like that, Laura. For some reason they remind me of Japanese ladies in traditional costume. Beautiful, as is the Cathedral. I love the Plaza sign next door too! I think I'll pass on all that German sausage though (even though it is masterfully painted) and wait until you return to the place with the goat cheese salad LOL.

The restaurant with its dry little garden speaks of the people who settled and built a life there, so far from their homes. German egg rolls? I would try a small bite, just to see. A really good cook can do wonders with the most unlikely things!

i'm just adoring that blue blue sky and simple pencil together.

do you have the option to edit in html? i can help if you would like...though all that blue is kind of fun to mouse over...weee...

WHO"D have thought, cara??? So much German in Texas??!! GREAT GREAT SKETCHES and wonderful memories!!!! LOVE your foods too!!!!

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